U.S. government says it’s not aware of Chinese hacking probe

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) The United States is not aware that China has broken into computer networks at a top U.N. agency and may have breached other U.n. agencies, according to an official statement issued Monday.

The statement from U.K. Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Holness said the Chinese hacking group is a threat to the global order, adding that China’s cyber espionage is a serious threat to U.s. national security.

Holness said it’s difficult to determine whether the Chinese government is directly involved in the hack, which the U.k. has called a “serious breach” of the organization’s networks.

But he said it was a “significant breach” that could affect the U.”s ability to carry out U.nation security responsibilities and has consequences for U. n. agencies worldwide, including the U .n. agency charged with protecting the environment.

Holnes statement followed a briefing by U.ns.

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