How to defeat the media hype, the misinformation, the media lies, the hate, the disinformation, and the media attacks in your daily life.


Keep your word There’s no shame in keeping your word.

In fact, the most effective way to do that is to keep your word and to never stop telling the truth.


Follow your instincts If you feel like you’re under the media microscope, then you should know that there’s a reason.

That reason is that when you see someone who has the power to get your attention, you should be able to trust that person.

It’s a matter of trust.3.

Don’t get too paranoid Don’t get yourself too paranoid.

There’s a fine line between being a paranoid cynic and an aggressive crusader for truth.

If you don’t have the right information to make your case, don’t try to be someone else.4.

Take control of your thoughts, your words, and your actionsSo if you’re afraid to go to a bar, watch a video, or open a magazine, then know that you need to be a good listener and you need not be afraid to ask for information.

The media doesn’t want to hear you.5.

Don´t be afraid of what you don´t seeThere are times when you donât see the media and you can get your news from what you can see and hear.

It´s the best time to ask your friends and family for news and information and to trust them.

If they don’t know where to find it, ask someone you trust to find you.6.

Donât feel like a martyrIf you believe in the truth and believe that there are people in this world that can help you get through this moment, then donâT feel like an enemy.

You can help others, even those who are hurting, by taking care of them and by helping them with their needs.

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