5 ways you can be an employee at your favorite employer, and why you should read the job description

It’s time to start taking the job search seriously, says Jana C. Smith, the CEO of employment consulting firm,

She suggests you do a little homework on your current employer and its job postings.

“If you can find a job posting, it’s definitely worth checking out.

That’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about how you can make a difference,” Smith says.

“I find that the job listings are a lot more common than you think, so there are probably a few things that you can look at.”

Smith also says it’s a good idea to be honest with your interviewers.

“It’s nice to tell them the truth, and not try to hide the truth,” she says.

And, when it comes to interviewing, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit more patient than a busy person.

“A lot of employers have a lot of questions, and they want to hear from you as soon as possible.

If you’re comfortable answering all the questions, it’ll make it easier for them to do the interviewing,” she adds.

If hiring managers think you’re ready for a job, Smith recommends starting a conversation.

“You don’t want to get bogged down by all the details, and you also want to have fun,” she explains.

“But also be willing to give them a few seconds to think about your potential role.”

As you go through the process of looking for work, be sure to take some time to listen to your interviewer, says Smith.

“This is the part of the job hunt where you want to listen,” she advises.

“The more you listen to them, the more comfortable you will be.”

She adds that she always recommends giving your interviewees time to respond to all of your questions.

“Be patient, be honest, and be willing,” she emphasizes.

“And don’t be afraid to give your answers if they’re not 100 percent.”