How do you manage your social media accounts for free? 

It may be a new thing for many, but you can still easily set them up for FREE, by just following these simple steps:1. 

Open up your Facebook or Twitter account. 

You can do this on Facebook or in your browser. 

For example, to manage your Twitter account, just follow the link here.2. 

Tap on the “Settings” menu icon in the upper left corner. 

Scroll down and click “Manage Facebook Accounts”. 

Scroll up to the “Social Media” section and tap on “Enable Free Facebook Accounts” in the “Edit” section.3. 

Enter your email address and click on “Save Changes”. 

If you already have your Facebook account set up for you, you won’t need to do anything else. 

Just go ahead and follow the instructions. 

If not, then you will need to enter a new email address. 

Click on “Sign Up” and follow those instructions.4. 

Go back to the top of your Facebook profile. 

The next time you go to sign up for a new Facebook account, click on the blue “Sign in” button. 

This will bring you to the new “Accounts” page. 

Find your Facebook page.5. 

In the Account section, click “Change your Facebook settings”. 

Tap “Change Your Name” and enter the email address you used to create your account.6. 

Finally, click the “Save changes”. 

Your new account will be ready to use, and you’ll have full control of your profile.

Social media management is an important part of any professional’s online life. 

Whether you’re a journalist, journalist journalist, sports commentator or just a regular person, social media can be a great way to interact with friends and family. 

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