The Hill article A group of fake news websites have released a report that states they have targeted more than 2.7 million people with the purpose of influencing public opinion.

“We aim to create as much content as possible that is consistent with our beliefs,” reads the report, which was prepared by the group “Paying for Fake News.”

“In this way, we hope to influence public opinion and ultimately shape the public debate in a way that will ultimately benefit our goals.”

It is not clear what the group has identified as “fake news,” and it does not provide any specific guidelines for identifying it.

The group’s authors said they believe that fake news is the primary source of public distrust in government, but that “we will continue to do what we do best, which is educate the public about how fake news works.”

Their recommendations include the creation of a website that lists “false news” as a category, which would include content on Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

The report comes just a week after President Trump signed a new executive order that prohibits federal agencies from using their budgets to promote “fake” news or “misleading” stories.