Greg Bell has written a column for The Hindu about politics and its relationship to journalism.

In it, he wrote about the recent news that news channel NDTV had been suspended by the media regulator for its ‘anti-national’ articles.

“It is not the job of journalists to decide what should be said or done in any given country, but rather to report and analyse news from around the world.

And it is the job, as the editor-in-chief of The Hindu, to give readers and viewers a balanced and unbiased view,” he wrote in the column.

“This is the way we do it.

We are committed to doing the job well.”

NDTV’s suspension is the latest in a series of media outlets being shut down by the Media Regulatory Authority of India (MRAI), which was founded by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Bell had said that NDTV would not be shut down until the country got a better understanding of the problems of the people.

NDTV is the flagship channel of NDTV Network, which airs a range of political and cultural programming.

The channel was founded in 2013 by Bell and is owned by NDTV.

Bell, a former editor-at-large at The Hindu and now a senior correspondent, wrote a column in The Hindu on Monday for the first time in two years.

He also wrote for The Times of India and The Hindu newspapers.

NDtv has also recently been in talks with the media company Bharti Airtel for a digital TV channel, which Bell said he would support.

The NDTV editor- at-large had also said that he was leaving the newspaper industry to start a new career.

The Hindu has also asked NDTV to respond to a question on whether NDTV was ‘anti National’.

NDTV, which was launched in 2013, is one of the country’s most popular and influential news channels, as it regularly publishes a range, including news and politics.

ND TV is also owned by Bhartis Airtels.

The organisation is part of Bhartia Airtellers Group.