Posted May 05, 2018 11:24:17When your phone is locked and you’re not sure how much time you have to get things done, it’s easy to miss out on news or important messages.

The Media Dashboard has a handy tool to help you spot what’s going on in your pocket.

The Media Dashboards app can help you find out what’s happening on your device, and to share what you’re seeing with friends and family.

It has a few handy features, too:The Media dashboards app will give you a quick glance at what’s on your smartphone screen, and when you’re viewing an app or watching a video.

To find out how much battery life is left on your iPhone, scroll through the screen and you’ll see how much of the time you’ve spent in the last 15 minutes.

If you’re on a mobile phone that’s connected to Wi-Fi, the Media Dashboarding app will tell you how much power your phone has left.

If the app doesn’t work for you, scroll down and tap on the icons in the bottom-left corner to bring up the Settings menu.

You can also search for information on your screen with a search bar in the top-right corner.

To do that, tap on Search, then tap on a word or phrase.

To quickly see information that’s important to you, swipe from the left to the right and tap the Info button.

The info bar will show you what’s important on your phones screen, including what apps are open, the time spent on your devices screen, the amount of battery life left on the phone, and how many apps you’ve been using.

To close out your phone, tap the Settings button.

The main app lets you search for, share, and discover news and information on any screen on your mobile device.

It’s a useful tool for when you need to check a news article, but don’t want to read it on your newsreader.

To share your news or information with your friends and media contacts, the app uses your Google account.

To share news with your contacts, you have the option to send a text message.

The app also lets you share content you find on the web, with the option of using a social media button to send it to your contacts.

The app can show you the current number of notifications for each app.

You can see what’s available, how long they’re available, and whether they’re active or in the background.

To find out which apps are in the foreground, swipe to the bottom and tap On, then select the app.

To get a rundown of the apps on your home screen, swipe left and tap More Apps.

You’ll see an icon for each of the currently active apps.

If any of them are running in the dark, the icon will turn red.

If there’s an app that’s running in full-screen mode, the bar at the top of the app will show a black icon with a white circle.

To access the app, tap More and select it from the list of available apps.

Once you’ve found a notification you want to share, tap Send to open the app and share it.

You won’t be able to send text messages or view a video, but you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other app that you choose.