You may have noticed a media bias map on your phone.

The most recent chart from a recent Gallup poll found that the media leans more to the left than the public at large.

The trend has continued throughout 2017, as the public has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of news coverage from news outlets.

Gallup’s latest media bias survey showed that the public is more dissatisfied with the coverage of national issues than the news media.

In addition, the public appears to be frustrated with how the news is being covered, according to a new poll released on Monday by the Pew Research Center.

While the news outlets most frequently cited in the media coverage are the news organizations that reported the most news coverage, it appears that the press coverage is being dominated by the media that was least willing to talk to the public.

According to the Pew survey, only 33 percent of Americans would talk to their news outlets about their stories.

The majority of Americans said that they would talk with their friends and family members about their story.

This is the highest percentage of Americans who have ever expressed that they are willing to share their story with the public since the survey began.

Only 38 percent of respondents said they would share their personal story with friends or family members, while 55 percent said they wouldn’t share it at all.

The survey also found that just 16 percent of the public said that the news was trustworthy and unbiased.

The same percentage said that journalists had a good job doing their job.

A majority of respondents also said that their personal stories were not considered important enough to the news.

Only 16 percent said that stories like the one about Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer were considered important, while 48 percent said stories about sexual assault and harassment were not significant enough to warrant a story.