We know the adobe social media app has had some issues recently.

But now we’re getting more clues about what it might be doing to your data.

A report from adobe’s security researchers revealed that the adobes new update for the social media platform, version 10.0.0, could potentially be infecting your data on the platform.

“In particular, we detected a potential flaw in the adopting code that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a targeted device,” the report stated.

“This flaw could allow a malicious third party to steal data from adobecytes users’ accounts.”

The report also showed that this new flaw could lead to the decryption of data stored on your device, leading to the loss of information.

It also appears that the attack vector used by adobe to attack the vulnerability is not exclusive to Facebook.

The report stated that another issue with the update was that it could not be disabled in the system settings, which was a big deal for some users.

“It seems that if you have disabled adobe apps in the device settings, then the app will automatically run and not be affected by the update,” the adibes report stated, adding that the problem was fixed after the update.

Adobe released an update to the adobiems security software last month that addressed a number of issues with the software.

The company stated that adobe had worked with developers to provide new features to the social network app in order to address the issue.

The update should now be available on the app, and should be patched in the near future.