The new year is here, and we’re back with another year of TV shows to pick from.

Here are the 10 best TV shows of 2017 so far, from the first half of the year through the second half.

This is the 10 Best Shows of the Year, not the 10 Most Expensive.

That’s because we don’t really need to think about price, because most shows in 2017 have been cheaper than expected.

Here’s a look at some of the best shows of the first year, from shows like The Mindy Project, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, NCWTS, and Supergirl.

The New Year is Here The most expensive shows of 2016-17 included The Mindies, The Good Wife, and Gotham.

They were all the stuff of dream-filled TV seasons, but they weren’t cheap.

The Mindys were a smash hit, and they were a show about a family that lives in New York City.

It was an unusual show, and it had the potential to be a huge hit.

It lasted two seasons, and the show ended up on Netflix with a ratings bump and a ton of praise.

(The Mindies’ success helped it land in Hulu’s Top 10 for its first season.)

The show’s story was a familiar one, but it also had some twists and turns that helped keep it fresh.

For instance, the Mindys had a secret identity as “The Man in Black,” a man who was a part of the mob that killed many of their family members, including their father.

The Man in White (and his wife, Donna) lived on the streets of Manhattan, where he was known as “Black Mike.”

The Man-in-Black (who would become the title character) was obsessed with the idea that he was a human and could help everyone.

So he used the name “BlackMike,” and when the family lost someone in a car accident, he killed the driver.

He wanted to know the identity of the missing person, so he stole a car and drove it down the street, where it crashed.

Then he left the family a note, saying, “I’m the Man in black.”

He told the family that the man who killed his parents and brother was going to kill them.

He said, “The man is the Man, and he’s going to come for you.”

So the family hid in a house.

It didn’t look like anything bad was going on.

Then, a year and a half later, he was killed in the woods in a shootout.

It made sense that the Man-on-the-Man-Street would be the man.

The show ran for nine seasons, with three more episodes airing in the fall of 2017.

The finale was an emotional rollercoaster for many of the characters, but the show’s most emotional moment was when the Man on the Man went to the hospital after being shot.

He was still breathing, and his wife and kids were with him, but he couldn’t walk because of the bullet wound.

The entire episode was a powerful moment.

It marked a pivotal moment for the show, as it set the stage for its final season.

There were other twists and twists that made the finale even more emotional, too.

The story was about a New York detective who was part of a secret police organization, which meant that he had a history of killing people.

(He had a lot of problems in the real world, but in the show he was still considered a hero.)

He was also a sociopath who hated being around people and could never be trusted.

But the show also made the point that the police don’t always do the right thing, either.

For example, one of the main characters is a lawyer named Matt.

In the show the lawyer works on a case involving the mob.

The lawyer has to decide between letting his client walk away and giving him a new lawyer.

(We all know how that turned out.)

Matt goes to the mob and tells them about the guy who killed the family.

The mob decides that they can’t let him walk away.

They give him a nice pension and the lawyer is set free.

But Matt is angry, and then he gets killed.

So the mob sends a group of thugs to kill him, too, which is pretty much the opposite of what they wanted.

It’s a very tense ending.

There was also another twist that was especially powerful: Matt was part Native American, which made him even more interesting to the show.

He’s an American Indian who grew up in New Mexico and was adopted by the Man.

He grew up on the reservation, which has some reservations and a long history of racism and oppression.

In one episode, a young Native American man who identifies as a member of the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American tribe in the United States, was in the audience.

As the show wrapped up, he asked to sit next

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