MTV News has partnered with TV Guide to find out which shows you want to binge-watch and watch over and over again.

In addition, you’ll find out the TV Guide ratings for each show and whether they’re worth your time.

The TV Guide Ratings are based on a combination of the network ratings (which includes the ratings of cable and satellite TV) and the Nielsen network ratings, which are based more on what people are watching on the internet than what they’re watching in person.

These are usually higher-rated shows that you can binge-view on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Here’s what each show has to offer you, with a look at their ratings and what you can expect from them on your TV:For those of you who don’t like ratings and want to see how they stack up to other shows, here’s the breakdown for each of the shows.TV Guide ratingsThe network ratings are based off the ratings from Nielsen’s Live+7 Total Day and the NBC Live+Same Day ratings. 

This shows shows ratings across multiple days and not just the one hour window.

It shows the same ratings across cable and other video platforms, and shows it on your TVs.

This shows shows the show’s ratings for the same time period.

The network ratings exclude the “live plus same day” ratings.

The “live + same day plus fast lane” ratings are the same for the network and cable networks. 

These are the ratings for shows that have been on TV for a while, and not for shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

For example, the CW shows Arrow and The Flash are both on The CW, but they are not included in these ratings. 

 These are also the network’s ratings on TV Everywhere, which includes shows like the CW’s Supernatural, which is now on the CW. 

There are also ratings for new shows that are airing on TV, which you can also find on 

  The Nielsen network rating is based on the number of households that subscribe to cable or satellite TV. 

Nielsen does not account for DVRs or other device-based streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix.

The ratings are averaged to determine the network averages for TV shows and shows on the web. 

The network averages do not include all the new shows airing on cable or streaming services, so if you have a favorite show you’re not watching, you may not see the network numbers for it. 

 The ratings are for the first 12 months of the series’ debut.

The networks average the ratings before subtracting the DVR ratings.