NFL Media’s coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game Monday night was pretty good, at least until the first quarter.

In fact, the network did something we never thought we would see on a major network: It went completely off the rails.

As of 9:50 p.m.

ET, the game was live on NBC, ESPN and Fox.

At the time of this writing, that’s an average of 0.5 minutes, 30 seconds of coverage per network.

That’s not a lot of time to get into a good debate about the NFL’s “toxic masculinity” and the need to change the way we’re viewing the game.

In the past, NBC has been very good at this, but this was an utter disaster.

On NBC’s coverage, the first-quarter show featured the entire NFL Network crew on a live feed and a full segment on ESPN’s The Jump with Michael Lombardi, where Lombardi said the Eagles “just looked like a ragtag bunch of losers.”

On ESPN’s coverage in the first half, the second-quarter segment featured a few segments, including an interview with an anonymous former Eagles player, which featured him calling the Cowboys “a ragtag group of losers” and calling the Eagles fans “douchebags.”

This segment ended with Lombardi telling a crowd, “I can’t remember when I’ve been a more hated player than I am now.”

And that was that.

The show’s first-half highlights included a scene where a Cowboys fan named “Brick” yells at the Eagles after he and the team are defeated by the Colts.

Lombardi called the fans’ behavior “tantrums” and said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a fan of the Eagles go out and act like a douchebag.”

Then, after a Cowboys player was ejected for “stealing” a line from a Cowboys offensive lineman during the fourth quarter, Lombardi started his segment by saying that the player’s name is Brett Favre.

And then he went on to say, “The last time Brett Favres name was used on TV, I was going to go to work at the local Fox affiliate.

You guys have a problem.”

He then added that the Eagles should hire him.

Lombardo went on and on about how he’s never seen an NFL team get off to a better start than the Eagles.

He also said that the Cowboys should fire DeMarco Murray because he has been “in the wrong league” for a long time.

He then talked about how the team should try to get rid of DeSean Jackson because of “how many interceptions he has and the fact that he’s not in the right league.”

This is the kind of stuff that should never happen on NBC.

And it was even worse on Fox’s coverage.

Here are some of the highlights: The first-round preview segment on Fox featured a segment that ran for almost an hour, during which a team reporter asked, “Is DeSean a distraction to the game?

He’s not the guy that’s going to help the offense.

He’s the guy who is going to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hands.”

This was during a commercial break.

Lombard was asked about the player that was ejected, and he said, “[I’m] not sure that DeSean is a distraction, but it’s his decision to get out there and get some yards.”

Then he went to his usual mode, saying, “When a team has a problem, they’ll have a lot more trouble if they can’t find a guy that can run.”

Then Lombardi added, “We’ve seen that in football.”

He added that it’s “difficult to make the adjustment to a young, inexperienced team that is not as well-coached as you would like.”

In the third-quarter preview segment, Lombard said, in a reference to the Cowboys’ offensive line, that “the offensive line is not the most important thing that’s out there.”

Then there was a segment in which Lombardi talked about the Eagles’ defensive line and how they’re “totally not very good.”

This time, it was Lombardi that said, and then repeated, “They’re not very smart, and they’re not really good.”

That segment ended at 1:09 p.M.

The network’s pregame segment, which ran for nearly 10 minutes, had some good moments.

The first one featured former Eagles defensive end Trent Cole calling the Dallas offense “tough as nails,” and then former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick doing a little dance.

In addition, the show had former Giants quarterback Donovan McNabb, who said he was “pretty impressed” with the Eagles, but said that they “just look like a lot.

That ain’t gonna be good for the team.”

The show then had former Lions quarterback Matt Ryan talking about how good the Cowboys are and said that “I’m