Crooked media group is a media creation tools company with more than a decade of experience in the media business.

The company was founded in 2005, and its first product, Media Creation Suite, is now a household name in the industry. 

In 2013, the company created a media production software that was subsequently used by a variety of media outlets including CNN, Fox News, and The Daily Caller. 

As the company grew, so did the amount of content it produced. 

Crooked Media’s latest product is called Media Creation Tools. 

With the company’s latest release, Media Creators, users can now create content with the company.

The software comes with a free version of Media Creation, but it is priced at $19.99 for the pro version. 

The Media Creation suite features tools that include the following: • –  The ability to create and share videos, images, and audio.

 • – The creation of and sharing of web content.

…the ability to manage and publish content. 

• – Create your own content.

In addition to the creation tools, Media Creator also includes the following tools for more advanced users:• — The “create your own” feature allows you to create a template that will appear in the right sidebar of your account.

— You can also customize your template for your own use, or you can upload it to the site.

— The Media Creation Suite also includes a custom tool, Media Creator Pro, which includes an enhanced version of the Media Creation tool, including the ability to edit templates and create video and audio content. 

 The Media Creator Pro software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. 

Users can also create their own videos using the software.

Users can download Media Creation tools from the company website and integrate it into their existing media production process.

For more on Media Creaters, check out this Tech Insider article. 

(via Business Insider)

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