When it comes to Twitter, a median is usually used as a metric for how someone’s tweets will be received.

The difference between the mean and the median is that it’s a measurement of how well someone’s tweet will be understood by others.

The median tweet has a higher average retweet rate, and more followers than the mean.

If you’re looking to see if a user’s tweet is being seen by the world at large, the median might not be the best way to go.

To do so, you’d need to look at their overall engagement with the network, which can be more important than just the tweet itself.

If a user is tweeting more than 20 times per day, they’re probably a mean.

To be more accurate, they might be a median, which is the highest level of engagement possible for that user.

And even though a median tweet is generally considered to be more likely to be retweeted than a mean tweet, there’s still a chance that a mean user’s tweets might be seen by a significant number of people, as well.

The most common way to determine whether someone’s tweeted a mean or a median comes from the retweet rate.

According to Twitter’s own metrics, the average retweet rates for the top 5,000 accounts is between 1.7 and 3.1 percent.

The top 10,000, however, is the only account that has an average retweeting rate of less than 2 percent.

This means that, for the most part, it’s impossible to tell a mean person’s tweets from a median one just by looking at the retweet rates.

To get a better idea of how likely a person is to see a tweet, Twitter uses two other metrics: the number of retweets and the average number of followers they have.

The retweet rate tells you how often a user has retweeted a tweet in a particular time period.

The average follower count tells you the average amount of followers that a user actually has.

While both are pretty useful, they aren’t quite as predictive of a user as the retweet count.

A typical user’s average follower is based on how many times they’ve retweeted the same tweet multiple times in a single day.

If your average follower rate is higher than that, that means that your user is likely to have a lot of followers.

In the case of Mean, the user has about 30,000 followers.

This makes sense, as the average user has a very low number of tweets to begin with.

A tweet that’s retweeted 100 times in the past week has a 1 percent chance of making it onto a top trending topic.

On the other hand, a tweet that has been retweeted just once in the last 24 hours will have a 5 percent chance.

The likelihood of a tweet being retweeted more than once is called “dynamic,” and is an indicator of how popular the tweet is, or how popular a user tends to be on Twitter.

This is an important aspect of understanding how Twitter users interact with each other, because they tend to be very specific about which topics they want to retweet.

For example, if a tweet mentions the word “lizard,” it’s likely to get retweeted by a lot more people than a tweet about “crickets.”

This means it’s also likely to attract a lot less attention than if a similar tweet was about a topic unrelated to cricket.

For Mean users, this is particularly true, since they have a higher retweeting average.

The only thing this means is that they are more likely than average to retweet a tweet related to a specific topic.

This gives you a good idea of their overall tweet interest, which in turn tells you what topics they are likely to retweet the most.

The mean user on Twitter has a much higher retweet average than the median, so their engagement with Twitter is generally higher than the average.

If their average retweeted tweets aren’t retweeted very often, they may also be on the receiving end of a very specific kind of message.

This can be either a retweet that has more followers or a retweet from a very popular person.

Twitter uses these metrics to rank users based on which tweets they retweet, and they do this by using algorithms to determine what kind of tweets are trending.

This ranking is done by looking for trends, or patterns, that occur over time.

A trend is a recurring, long-term trend that has a certain trend that’s been going on for a while.

A pattern is a repeatable behavior that has happened once or twice.

Trended content is content that has become more popular than the rest of the network over time, and these are usually the most retweeted content.

For a user to become trending, they need to be tweeting a lot.

A lot of tweets need to appear in a short period of time to make it onto the top of trending topics.

To put it another way, a typical user has

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