It’s a bit like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, but with a lot more zen and less wimpy.

It’s called Media Monkey, and it’s all about media.

And the show has a ton of fun and a lot of smarts, even if its name is a bit confusing.

We spoke with the show’s creator, Jon Wicks, to learn more about Media Monkey.

Q: How did Media Monkey start?

A: I was sitting around a bar in New York with my buddies and we started talking about how to make a podcast about video games, and that’s exactly what we did.

And we were really inspired by some of the podcasts we listened to on our podcasting platforms, like the Verge podcast or the Slate podcast, and the kind of humor that they had, but they were kind of like the worst.

They were just kind of self-serious, and we just really wanted to make something that was just kind, fun, and zen, and so we kind of came up with this idea that it’s a little bit like Dungeons and Drakes, except you play a game, you go to a dungeon, and you get the items that you need.

It has a sense of magic.

It plays out on a very simple premise.

Q (laughs) What’s it about Media Monkeys that’s so fun?

A (laughs): It’s like, hey, we just started playing a game that has this very simple plot and this very straightforward gameplay.

And when you play the game, the only thing that matters is that you’re good, so you get a lot out of the experience.

And it has a lot going on that’s kind of fun to play through and watch, and really has the potential to be a very good podcast.

Q, How many episodes have you recorded?

A, That depends.

It depends.

We have a couple of really good episodes, but we’re always working on new things.

And some of them are pretty good, but sometimes they’re just really hard to make.

So if we’re not in the mood for that kind of content, we’ll do a few more episodes.

Q(laughs): What do you think Media Monkey’s success rate is?

A(laughs) I think it’s really high.

I think that people are kind of looking for a really good podcast, so we think that our audience is really high and we’re very lucky to have that kind the way we are.

We just think that if we make the best content, and have a really high-quality production, people will like it.

We think that’s a really important part of this business.

Q What is Media Monkey like?AIt’s kind and it plays out in this very easy, linear way, so that you can watch it.

It also has a sort of Zen-like focus.

It doesn’t really care what kind of game it’s about, and I think, for people that don’t have the time to sit around and watch a lot, or that want a little more variety, it’s probably better to watch it on YouTube.


What are the goals of Media Monkey?


It basically has this big mission to just make a great game, and to put a lot and a ton and a huge amount of time into the development of it.

That’s our main goal.

It was kind of born out of a desire to make games that people really wanted, and this was kind the first game we made that we wanted to give a lot to people.

Q How much of Media Monkey is produced by you guys?

A We’re the creators of MediaMonkey.

We’re making all the content for MediaMonk.

The first thing we did was put together a spreadsheet that showed the amount of hours that we spent on MediaMonker, and how much we put into it.

Then we started looking at different ways of doing it, and then we found a way of doing our own game development and doing the development for Media Monkey itself.

Q Are there any challenges in making a show that’s about gaming?

A No, there are no challenges in producing a show about gaming.

The biggest challenge in making any show about a game is just figuring out how to give it value.

You want to put the time into it, you want to make sure it’s fun.

And if you do that, it will become a really, really fun experience.

But you also want to have fun and you want the audience to enjoy it, so the more content you put into that, the more it becomes a challenge.

Q Do you have a timeline for when Media Monkey will be available for download?

A Right now, Media Monkey has just started, so it’s not available yet.


What about MediaMonkeys development schedule?

A I think right now we’re kind of focused on what