How to get the ‘harsh truths’ about Trump and Russia from the media

MSNBC contributor Joe Scarborough, who has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, said on Tuesday that Trump’s recent comments about Russia are “harsh and wrong.”

Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, said Trump is now “trying to paint Russia as a villain, and we have no way of saying that we’re not guilty of the crimes that we committed, because we were in Russia at the time.”

“It’s very hard to talk about the crimes of the U.S. when you’re in Russia,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.”

“I think it’s very important that we keep talking about what Russia is doing in the Middle East and we’re going to continue to do that.”

Scarborough also called out Trump for making the claim that the U., “and Russia, and China, are trying to destroy us.”

“He was telling it the truth, but it’s a lie.

And the lies keep coming out,” Scarborough told “Morning Jolt.”

Scarborough said he was “troubled” by Trump’s remarks.

“It makes me nervous, I’m worried that he’s going to do something that is going to hurt our country.

I’m very concerned about the President of the United States.”

Scarborough is a frequent critic of Trump, and said Trump has made it “a little bit difficult” to discuss Trump’s presidency.

Scarborough and others are now “worried about his future” after Trump said on Twitter on Tuesday morning that he was not “happy” about the media’s coverage of his administration.

“We have a president who is tweeting at the same time that he has been doing all this,” Scarborough added.

“That’s a pretty dangerous place to be.

I just can’t see the country moving forward without some kind of vigorous discussion about this, because there is no way we’re ever going to get to a place where we’re able to have that kind of dialogue.”

Trump tweeted that he had a “great meeting with our friend Vladimir Putin” on Tuesday, but added that the president’s “honest mistakes” have been “worse than ever.”

“Now that I am President of a country, and I love our country, I have no reason to be happy,” Trump wrote.

“I am not happy about the lies.

I am not unhappy about the Russia story.

I have made mistakes, and those mistakes are worse than ever.

They are beyond comprehension, and they are very, very dangerous.”