Google has revamped its Media Mail service, adding the ability to create a personalized ad in the inbox of your contacts.

But there’s one new feature in the app that’s sure to make your life a little easier: it lets you choose which media content you want to be delivered to your inbox.

“It’s a new way of delivering media content,” said Steve McVety, the VP of communications at Google’s advertising unit, in a statement.

“Now you can choose whether to deliver all media content from the most popular publishers and sites, or just specific media content.

This is a great feature for businesses and marketers who want to deliver their content directly to their inbox.”

To get started, just tap the little icon that appears next to the “Media” column heading on your inbox, and then tap the “Send to” button to open up the “Newsletters” section of the app.

If you’re already subscribed to Media Mail, you’ll notice that a new message has been added.

Here, you can pick which content you’d like to receive in your inbox: “We’re constantly adding new, targeted and personalized ad content to the Media Mail app,” McVenty added.

“We know the number of users who use the app is increasing, so we wanted to create this new feature to get them more personalized content, but we didn’t want to limit them to the ones they’ve subscribed to already.”

You can find out which content will be delivered in the Media section of your inbox by clicking on “Show More.”

“With this new ad delivery feature, you won’t have to wait for Google’s algorithms to find the right content for you,” said McVony.

“You can select which media you want your content to be displayed to your contacts.”

Media Mail will display ads in the same way as other apps, including the Newsstand, the Facebook Messenger, and Google+ ads.

The feature is not available in all countries, though, so you may not be able to use it in your native language.

Google has also added support for media streaming from YouTube and the Google Drive app.

Google Play has also launched a new ad-supported YouTube app that lets you watch videos, and YouTube Music has also introduced a new app called “Play” that lets artists record tracks.

In the past, Google has had trouble keeping up with its growing media ecosystem, but McVathy said that Google has been working on improving its app’s performance.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve learned a lot about how to deliver more relevant and relevant content,” Mcvony said.

“And we’ve also been able to make improvements to make it even more relevant to our users.”

The app is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.