Which NFL teams are going to get the best paychecks in 2018?

FOX Sports has the answers!

The list is ranked by NFL teams’ highest paid players in 2018, as well as their projected 2019 paychecks.

It will be interesting to see if any of the teams with a low payroll make the list.

Here are the top five NFL teams by 2019 paydays, according to the Fox Sports Insider NFL team.


New England Patriots – $8.7M 2.

Indianapolis Colts – $7.9M 3.

Pittsburgh Steelers – $6.4M 4.

Chicago Bears – $5.9.

M 5.

San Diego Chargers – $4.5M NFL Network Insider Adam Schefter ranked the top 10 NFL players in 2019, as the Patriots finished No. 1 on the list, while the Colts and Steelers had the top two on the next tier.

The Chargers had the most players on the top tier, with six.

The Texans had the second-most on the bottom tier, behind the Raiders.

The Patriots were one of the top-paid players in the league, and it looks like they will make some serious dough in the 2019 offseason.


New York Jets – $9.2M The Jets have the best odds of making the list because of their roster and the amount of players they are able to retain.

The Jets also have a very solid coaching staff, led by Bill O’Brien.

The top three earners on the Jets’ 2019 payroll are cornerback Darrelle Revis ($7.8 million), tight end Dwayne Allen ($5.3 million) and cornerback Darius Butler ($4.6 million).

But the Jets also need to get rid of several other high-priced players, including cornerback Darrius Heyward-Bey ($4 million) along with linebacker Sheldon Richardson ($3.6).

If they are to make the top ten, they will have to do something different this offseason.


Cincinnati Bengals – $10.2 million The Bengals are in a tough spot.

The team needs to cut its roster, including quarterback Andy Dalton, but the most expensive player on the roster, left tackle Duane Brown, has a $2.7 million option for 2019.

The Bengals also have the seventh-most money in the NFL, with $3.8 billion in cap space.

The front office will have a tough time getting out from under $10 million in cap savings.


Baltimore Ravens – $11.5 million The Ravens are in better shape than they were a year ago.

They have added tight end Dennis Pitta ($4M) to their stable and cornerback Mike Wallace ($4m) is now a free agent.

That should make for some nice money for the Ravens.

The problem for the front office is that they don’t have any new players, which could slow down the franchise.


Kansas City Chiefs – $12.2 Million The Chiefs have a strong roster and a solid coaching record, so they could do pretty well.

That being said, they are in the same boat as the Ravens, who also had a poor season.

They need to find a replacement for Jamaal Charles, who is expected to become a free-agent.


Oakland Raiders – $13.2m The Raiders have some very good young talent, but their roster needs a makeover.

The addition of wide receiver Amari Cooper ($5 million) should help, but they need a quarterback and a receiver to fill that role.

They could still make the playoffs with a strong defensive line and running back tandem.


San Francisco 49ers – $14.3M The 49ers should be the No. 2 team on the team payroll this offseason, with the salary cap being $123.3.

They also have more cap room, with four picks.

The most expensive member of the roster is quarterback Colin Kaepernick ($8.9 million), but the 49ers also have tight end Vance McDonald ($3 million), wide receiver Anquan Boldin ($2.9 m), tight ends Vernon Davis ($2 million) on the active roster and linebacker Chris Borland ($2m).


Pittsburgh Pirates – $15.5m The Pirates have one of baseball’s best payrolls, but it is going to take a lot of luck for them to get to the top of the list this offseason as well.

They will have the third-best roster in the major leagues, with three starters.

The Pirates are going with a new starting pitcher, and they will be in the market for a backup catcher.


Atlanta Falcons – $16.9 Million The Falcons have a lot to be excited about.

The additions of cornerback Desmond Trufant ($4-5 million), linebacker Sean Weatherspoon ($2-3 million, guaranteed) and defensive tackle Deion Jones ($2,5-3,6 million) make the Falcons a good team.

The roster is very young, but there are some young players in there, including linebacker Shaquill Griffin ($2), safety

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