The New York Times is one of many publications that has reported on the rise in social media usage among businesses.

This week, it released its annual report on the social media use of businesses and professionals.

In the report, it highlighted the rise of social media as a tool for reaching and engaging with customers, employees and partners.

Businesses can use social media to communicate and connect with employees and clients.

According to the report’s authors, social media is also a great platform for brands to engage with consumers.

“Social media offers a platform for collaboration, engagement and collaboration, and we see it as the perfect platform for building brand loyalty,” said Jeffery Katz, the managing editor of The Times Business section.

“It allows brands to connect with their customer base through a digital space.

They can reach new customers and customers can reach them.”

Businesses are increasingly using social media in order to connect directly with their customers.

The most popular social media platform for businesses in the US is Instagram, which is a major player in the online advertising space.

Instagram has become the leading platform for business users to share photos, video, and other content on the platform.

The platform also has the largest number of followers and users.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account for the largest share of social and digital advertising revenue, according to the study.

Instagram’s share of the US advertising market has grown to more than $9 billion from just $3 billion a year ago, according the report.

Business owners also can use Instagram to advertise on its network, where users can post their ads in a way that appeals to them.

“Instagram has an opportunity to be a huge driver of growth for the US digital advertising market,” said Paul Kowalski, co-founder of the marketing and social media consulting firm Kowelski & Co. “This is a huge opportunity for a business to monetize, particularly for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising.”

A recent study by marketing consulting firm eMarketer shows that Instagram users spend an average of $3,000 per year on ads, which includes paid content.

The report’s findings indicate that more than half of the companies surveyed, or 54 percent, use Instagram for advertising.

Some businesses have experimented with advertising on the platforms to boost their online sales.

In August, Instagram launched an ad platform called Instagram Stories.

In March, Instagram introduced a subscription-based service, Instagram News, that lets users share photos and videos from the service.

The company also announced that it was partnering with online advertising company Digital Marketing Insights to bring an advertising service to the platform, which it said would be free.