When it comes to getting your work done, Google wants to take a page from the Apple playbook

Updated October 05, 2018 05:04:30 Google has released its 2017 Mobile Developers Survey, and while it’s an interesting snapshot of a major tech company’s mobile development efforts, the survey also contains some troubling details.

Here’s the full breakdown of questions, sorted by the most common type:As you can see, Google and Apple’s mobile platforms are surprisingly similar, with Apple’s focus on productivity and Google’s emphasis on speed and ease of use.

While Apple’s platform is clearly more focused on speed, Google has a lot more focus on ease of operation, with Android’s developer tools in particular being quite restrictive.

Apple has been pretty good at developing a mobile OS for iOS and Macs.

Apple’s latest iPhones and iPads are designed to be used with the latest iOS software.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a huge improvement over the iPhone 6, which was only slightly faster than the previous generation.

The new iPhones, as well as the iPad Pro, are incredibly efficient, thanks to their new, dual-core processors.

Android has a very different story, with its mobile operating systems being designed for a different era of mobile computing, with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update having a huge impact on the user experience.

Apple is still doing very well, but Android’s user experience is definitely on a much higher level than that of Apple’s.

Google’s mobile OSes are generally based on the Android operating system.

Google has adopted many of Android’s key design patterns, like Material Design, but it’s not just the design that’s important.

Google also makes significant strides in its own mobile platform, including adding more and more features and improvements, and integrating with third-party services like Google Play and Google Maps.

In addition to its own software, Google also provides a lot of third-parties with access to Android’s hardware, allowing them to offer their own services, apps, and other functionality.

Google’s mobile operating system is, however, extremely restrictive.

Google doesn’t let you add any third-platform apps, even when you have a Google Play account, and it’s also not allowed to install third-featured apps on Google’s own servers.

This is because Google doesn, in the words of Google’s VP of Android, “like to keep Android’s Android SDK under lock and key.”

Google has been experimenting with a number of different Android operating systems, including the Android Open Source Project, but its mobile platform is the one that Google has relied on the most.

This has caused friction with developers and users, as Android has been forced to make decisions based on a lot less information than other operating systems.

For example, Google isn’t allowed to add third-tier Google services to its mobile OS, which makes it difficult for developers to build a variety of third party apps that run on Android.

Google isn, in fact, one of the biggest Android users, with Google Play being the main way developers access Android’s operating system and other Android applications.

Google is also not able to build applications for third- and fourth-party devices, which means that it’s harder for Google to provide its own app store and Google Play Store, which allow developers to distribute their apps on Android devices.

Google also limits third-player support on Android, which is frustrating to users.

For example, Android has the ability to add support for third party video players like VLC, but Google doesn

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