The ABC’s new TV series has an exciting new star: the Doctor Who character

New TV series, which has been a hot topic on social media this week, has its star in the Doctor. 

On Wednesday, the PBS Learning Media satellite TV service unveiled the first trailer for Doctor Who: The Final Adventure, a six-part series that is the first time the character of the Doctor has been introduced on television in a non-digital medium. 

The show will premiere on PBS’ NewsHour in September.  Preston Mackay, who wrote the script, explains that The Final Adventure will take place during the BBC’s darkest days, when the Doctor faced a battle against the Daleks. 

“The Doctor’s story, set against the backdrop of the modern world, will see him facing his greatest enemies, the Cybermen, the time-traveling Daleks, the Time War and the destruction of the universe. 

Doctor Whose Time will explore the Doctor’s journey through time, including his origins, his past, his present and future,” he said. 

A trailer for the first episode shows the Doctor, played by the actor Michael Gambon, travelling to the present and defeating his former companions. 

(PBS) The series is expected to be based on the popular TV series Doctor Who: Final Conflict, a 2003 adventure starring the Doctor and a companion, played in the UK by Matt Smith. 

In Final Conflict, the Doctor was a Time Lord who faced a race of monsters called the Daleys. 

However, the series was cancelled by BBC after just three episodes because of a lack of funding. 

But the new Doctor, created by Steven Moffat and written by Terence Winter, is the first Doctor in a digital medium.

In a statement, PTSD: The Final Adventure director Steve Jones said the series was a “special opportunity” to bring the Doctor back to TV.

“In our history of television, we’ve had many stories about the Doctor, but few have followed the arc of his life and his rise from a young boy to a Time Lady, his adventures on the TARDIS and his time as the Doctor,” Jones said.

“The Final Adventures is one of those stories and we are thrilled to bring that story to life on PBS Newshour and Newsday digital platforms. 

This special opportunity is an opportunity to tell the story of the Doctor in a digital world, which is a dream come true.” 

The Doctor’s return is part of a push by PBS and PBS Learning Media to introduce new programs in a more natural way, according to a PBS education department statement. 

Moffat said the series will be based in the UK and in London, with the main cast all returning to the UK, and the actors will all be British.

“I think that the BBC has a real interest in telling the story in this format,” Mitch Lasseter, PBS Learning, said in a video link on the site. He added: “We are very excited to be able to bring the Doctor to life again in a new, more natural format. 

We will bring the Doctors back to life at the end of the show in a future episode that will have new actors joining the cast.” 

(Source: PBS Learning media)