New media has become the new ‘Fake news’ and it is time to stop it, Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday.

Paul made the comments as he announced that he will be introducing a bill that would prohibit federal agencies from creating “fake news” websites and social media platforms.

“We are seeing the spread of ‘fake news’ on social media, the proliferation of fake news, and the rise of new media,” Paul said in a statement.

“The rise of this new ‘fake’ media has been a grave danger to the nation, our democracy, and to our free press.

I urge the Senate to stop this dangerous trend and restore our First Amendment rights.”

Paul’s legislation would prevent the creation of new “fake” news sites and social networks.

It would also prevent federal agencies that receive federal funds from creating, maintaining, or acquiring “fake media” websites.

“If you are an agency, or if you have a job, or an agency that you are part of, it’s not just about your job.

It’s also about the First Amendment.

You can’t be involved in creating this fake media, because that’s what the First, and Second Amendments are supposed to protect,” Paul explained.

“You can’t create this fake news without the First and Second Amendment rights of people to talk and have a free press,” he added.

Paul’s bill has received broad support from the press, who say that it would help to limit the spread and spread of “fake and misleading” news.

“Paul’s legislation is one of the first steps to rein in the spread, the spread—and the influence—of fake news on the public,” said Peter Baker, the executive director of the Federal Trade Commission.

“This legislation would help ensure that the First Amendments are not being trampled on, and we need to stop the spread.

It is important that we stop this ‘new’ ‘fake media’ before it spreads further and further,” Baker said.

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